How It Works


When will my first box arrive?


Your box will be hand-delivered within a 20 mile radius in the San Jose area, with a basket deposit fee of $10. Each basket will get swapped with a brand new one each time one gets delivered. Each subsequent box will arrive based on which option you choose.

Any changes made before Thursday by 6pm Pacific Time will be taken into effect the following week.


Why can’t I choose my snacks?


We are designed so the element of surprise awaits you when your box arrives. But if your current box is acting repetitive, please contact us and we can work with you on changing it up!


What kind of snacks will I receive?


Your box will contain a variety of chips, popcorn, nuts, bars, dried fruit, and something for your sweet tooth!


Can I cancel or pause my order?


Of course! Just contact us by Thursday 6pm Pacific Time and it will be taken into effect the following week.


How do I pay?


You can order by credit card, or cash/check when the Jak B. Healthy representative delivers your box.


Can I gift a box to someone?


ABSOLUTELY! If you’d like to custom create a box or basket to someone, simply contact us and please notate to be contacted for a custom order.


Who usually orders these boxes?


Any small business including dental offices, doctors offices, CPA firms, law offices, spas, salons, etc. essentially any business that wants to keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive! Obesity is on the rise and companies that offer sugary, processed and preservative-filled snacks have employees that feel bogged down by grogginess and headaches. We owe it to ourselves and our employees to keep our creative juices flowing!

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